Hades – Reaching way above the underworld

I’d heard of the game Hades from developers Supergiant games a while back in one of the many directs we’ve had in the last year. Little did I know that on full release I would be playing, possibly one of my favourite games of the year.

If you’ve been keeping up with the some of the gaming posts you’ll realise that Greek mythology within gaming is my Achilles Heel. Hades, as you can imagine fits right into that.

Hades is a roguelike dungeon crawler. In simple terms the objective of the game is to escape from the Underworld as Zagreus. However it’s unlikely you’ll do it on your first try and will need to start again.

With each attempt you learn more and level up a little bit. Each attempt is unique due to the random assortment of rooms that are put together. Each room needs clearing of enemies until eventually you are free.

As you progress, the enemies do get tougher but so do you. Each room completion provides you with a boon to add to your arsenal of weapons and skills. As it’s a roguelike these are only temporary for that particular ‘run’ or ‘attempt’.

The combat is excellent, a fast blend of skills and weapon use allows you to deal combos and waste your enemies in seconds. The movement matches this with an intrinsic ‘dash’ that lets you zip around the room avoiding any incoming attempts to squash you.

The aesthetic is such a fascinating style that matches the mood and the pace of the game. Fitting in somewhere between the 2d side scrollers and a manga comic it perfectly fits the personality of Hades.

Add in a heavy rock soundtrack, some cool dialogue and the ability to pick it up and put it down on Switch and you’ve got yourself one Hell of a game. It’s currently £17.99 from the Nintendo store!

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