The Snyder Cut – Why I Don’t Think it’s a Good Thing.

Warner Bro’s announced this week that the much campaigned for ‘Snyder Cut’ of Justice League will be shown on HBO next year.

Snyder seems to be teasing a ‘darker’ look to Justice League

While I am looking forward to seeing what the ‘re-imagining’ would bring, simply because of my love for superhero films, I do not think that this is overall a good thing.

It Gives to Much to Fan Power

Fan power is a dangerous game. For the most part the film industry generally doesn’t care for fans thoughts pre or post production. You’ve never seen a twitter poll from the casting team have you? If they did care, this very studio would have avoided using Amber Heard in Aquaman. We team Jack Sparrow here.

Giving into fans in this way hands them the creative opinion few feel they should have and that could have a domino effect. I imagine its too late for Star Wars but could we not see a J J Abrams number 8? or 10? After all that’s what the series deserves.

Its quite dramatic but this campaign will be repeated, particularly against Warner Bros.

Its only a matter of time

“But Nathan (that’s my actual name FYI) the fans do dictate the film industry by not watching films, reviews etc“. That’s a fine point and that’s how it should remain. Batman v Superman was bad enough, Suicide Squad didn’t help (I’m being kind) but Wonder Woman was cause for Celebration. Maybe Patty Jenkins should have had a say. In the end, we should have not gone to the cinema and protested with our wallets as there wasn’t any evidence to suggest they deserved our money.

This pressure from fans could increase if a release isn’t up to the fans standards. Studios are used to a bad review or a loss, but media campaigns are arguably worse.

My point here is that unlike taking feedback on board (again very rare a production company would) caving into fan pressure is a scary journey that could lead anywhere.


Who Actually Gains From This?

The fans? Sure lets stream it on an American service that requires a subscription. What about those outside of the US (not sure how I’m watching it just yet)?

Also there is a cost. Likely a large portion of their target audience have bought cinema tickets, blue rays and then a subscription the eventually watch something that they hope will be at their standard.

Furthermore, a small portion of this audience paid for the campaign to release this cut.

Zac? Well he’s going to be known for not having enough pull to give him the time needed to create a film and potentially needs a couple of attempts.

The crew? They likely are sick of this, the initial release was badly received and that will impact any creative person. Moreover, some will now have to work on it again, what if its badly received again? Kick a person while they’re down don’t we.

The cast? Maybe it’ll only enhance their profile with the PR that will come from this. Surely we won’t want more Batfleck? We have Pattison now, unless, another campaign?

Warner Bros are the only ones that might gain from this, financially of course but still its been a massive cost so far.

It Could Just be a Bad Film.

Have we considered this? This one is Marvels fault. Firstly they stormed ahead in the superhero race, that up till the cinematic universes, DC were well ahead in.

Wrong film, wrong time.

Have we considered this?

Next Marvels worst in the MCU is Iron Man 2 and that is still watchable. Age of Ultron is their least favourite collection film which is still way better than Justice league (love me some Ultron, maybe I’m bias? Nah surely not). Anyway I digress, Warner tried to catch up quick and it didn’t work. They were last in the race and tripped over their shoe lace.

Maybe, however, this film as a result of trying to catch up, is, just bad. They haven’t taken time to establish the characters in this universe.

I love The Flash but he’s a passenger in this film. Cyborg seem to be complex as a character and would make for an awesome story on its own. Aquaman is a laughing stock, no thanks to appearances in Big Bang Theory and Spongebob Squarepants.

The plot relies on Superman being a one man army, everyone else is useless in comparison and the tone is all over the place. This could be wrong film, wrong time.

Snyder is relying on his favourite slow motion action sequences and fan favourite characters to carry this film. Unless he’s writing a different version of the film, surely not?

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To Conclude…

I think the Snyder cut is damaging for the film industry and Warner and DC’s relationship, could lead to more of the same and more studios taking less risks.

No one will want to take on a big franchise for fear of getting it wrong and receiving the same back lash and that would be a huge shame. Film is art and art isn’t never repeated. Lets keep it that way.

What are your thoughts? There’s a whole counter argument to this that I’m happy to hear.