Fall Guys – Standing Out of the Crowd

The sensation that has swept right through mainstream gaming and media is the hilariously fun and down right silly Fall Guys.

A game that places you as a jelly bean with arms and feet against 59 others to race, grab, push and jump to be the last one standing.

A fresh take on the enormously popular battle royale genre Fall Guys is refreshing and a much needed shake up to the stale shooters that are dominating at the moment.

Fall Guys takes inspiration from the likes of Takeshi’s Castle or Total Wipeout putting you in soft battle arenas surrounded by slime. You can knock, grab and bump into other players as you race to the objective.

Sometimes doing one thing really well works, well, well. There’s only three controls in Fall Guys, move, grab and jump. Its really easy to start playing.

The core concept that is so strange to everyone is the ides of just having fun. Fall Guys doesn’t track stats. You can’t brag about winning so many times and there’s a competitive edge that is so joyfully missing.

The satisfaction of winning a game is brilliant though and having that crown for a menu screen before it is lost is enough to satiate that need to win.

When you don’t win its ‘thats bullshit, he knocked into me’ or ‘I definitely jumped’ or I ‘have a crap team’. These may or may not be taken from Nathan Biggin 2020. But still you get over it quickly cause its fun and you’re having a blast.

There’s a season style pass that grants outfit options and currency for its microtransaction store but its all fun cosmetic stuff you can grind for.

They have promised more maps, outfits and fixes coming forward. Their PR is really good to follow so I recommend that. Its free to play on PlayStation and about £15 otherwise.