Top 10 Playstation/ Xbox games of the Generation

As we move into a truly new generation it is the perfect time to reflect on the highs that the now previous generation brought us.

The PS4/ Xbox One generation felt like it lasted a lifetime which is why there were so many games to choose from. No one really knew how far these consoles could push or where the industry would turn to but we saw a lot of things I don’t think we could have anticipated.

In this list I have considered not only the quality of the game but also the impact to the industry it had. As the title suggests I’m only focusing on Playstation and Xbox so if you’re hoping to see Breath of the Wild on here, think again.

I also won’t be posting exact remasters of a game, which means that Last of Us would likely be atop the list, isn’t, as it really was a game for Playstation 3. I’ve tried to be objective as possible and consider the experience, the production, the additional content and the value.

10 – Celeste

Celeste is a wonderful 2D side scrolling game that tackles a big issue for so many people, depression. It’s bold story that is so elegantly told it makes a claim for having a story that doesn’t fit the mould a normal occurrence, or at least relevant. Hopefully more writers take a chance on a topic that so many can relate to but struggle to talk about.

2D side scrollers are still very popular these days and celeste takes advantage of that to bring a top of the class performance showing that straying from the path works wonderfully well.

9 – Spider-Man

After seeing the MCU get so much screen time and success it was brave for Insomniac Games to attempt to recreate that as a video game. Spider-Man is the worlds most popular hero so it was a safe bet there but recently superhero games weren’t hitting the right notes.

This game however was composed correctly. It marked a new height for the best way to traverse an open world. The web slinging alone brings as much fun as much of the rest of the game. But they didn’t cheap out there, the story is well written, the combat is comic book fun and the open world is borderline copy and pasted but in the right way.

It looks great, plays great and is a credit to the way Marvel have been doing things recently.

8 – Fortnite

Remember when I said I would consider impact? Fortnite probably changed the gaming industry for the better, for good. Epic were a successful company before Fortnite but post Fortnite they are massive. This allows them to put massive resource into Unreal Engine for all developers to use.

In addition to that Fortnite introduced a truly successful free to play, pay to stand out model. It introduced the season pass that so many have adopted and brought battle Royales to the top of the Twitch views. They also have big name collabs and live events and keep making strides. Fortnite, whatever your view is one of the greatest of this generation for so many reasons.

7 – Overwatch

It seems that since Overwatch Blizzard have lost some of their integrity and way. However when Overwatch came out, it once again proved that when Blizzard set their mind to it, they make the best game.

Overwatch is an excellent example of a game anyone can pick up, learn and put down and come back to later. It also has a lot for competitive players to master with it’s well crafted balances and team play mechanics.

It was an instant hit on the scene, crushing Battleborn on release, and rising to the top of the e-sports scene. It’s wonderful art style and decent loot box system are examples they themselves need to continue following.

6 – Bloodborne

Bloodborne took me 3 attempts to really play and eventually complete. The first two weren’t down to it being a bad game at all, but that it was just so punishing. I realised that on my second play through I had sold an item that was crucial in providing me with resistance to a boss.

It’s truly gothic horror setting, fast paced combat and brutal difficulty make it a game for gamers. Every little map design makes you feel the need to explore it in the hope of a precious item or a blade to the face, but nevertheless as challenge to overcome.

5 – Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Those guys behind the Final Fantasy games always come up with a new game that really takes our breath away. As a later entry into this generation Remake sought to bring back what some would consider the best game ever.

Remake isn’t just a remaster of VII graphically or an overhaul of systems for better gameplay. It actually takes the story and tells it again, from a similar yet different perspective.

It’s moment to moment combat, gorgeous cut scenes and excellent story make it for one of the best ways to spend 40 hours of your gaming time on Playstation. I also consider this not to break the rules as the game is different to the original.

4 – Red Dead Redemption 2

Okay. this is my least favourite on the list, but objectively I appreciate what Rockstar made. As possibly the first game that said ‘look what we can do with this software’ Red Dead is graphically comparable to anything out there.

Taking us to before the events of the first game, It tells a lengthy story that we’re used to from Rockstar. It’s a story the seems to be worth playing through that is if you’re not distracted by the world around you.

It’s setting isn’t quickly copied either, probably because of the fine job Rockstar did on this, the bar is set a bit too high.

3 – Uncharted 4

Nathan Drake takes the bronze medal on this list. If I could give it a gold I would because this game is a masterpiece. I don’t think there’s a game that does intense, action packed cut-scenes as well as this game.

Uncharted 4 gets your heart racing and is so incredibly immersive in it’s story it’s hard not to get attached to it. Combine that with excellent gameplay mechanics, challenging puzzles and a seamless story continuing from the previous entries and Uncharted would make any list.

If you need anymore reason take a quick look at some of this games screen shots on Google and you’re probably going to wonder if it’s real and be amazed at how gorgeous it looks.

2 – God of War

I really wanted to put this game top, but you’ve probably guessed why it is not. God of War is worthy of a best year, decade or ever title. It sums up all of Playstation’s achievements in gaming, pretty much ever.

The first remarkable thing of note is the way it goes from gameplay to cutscene and back to tell it’s story. You really are a part of every single aspect of this game. The story is so full of emotion and conflict that it’s a wonder they were able to tell it with remarkable execution.

The combat is brutal and fluid and rewarding all at the same time. Hainge a combination of loot systems, skills, weapons and companion brought so seamlessly together to make you feel every blow is a feat not many games share.

Other than Last of Us: Remastered this is THE game you should play on Playstation.

1 – The Witcher 3

As I said before you’ve probably guessed this entry. The Witcher 3 as a whole package is the best the generation had to offer. First coming out in 2015 it showed how you could build a massive but immersive world with this software.

Each mission is relevant in moving it’s touching story of fatherhood, growth and responsibility on. It’s decisions impacting you in ways you won’t realise for days. Each side mission feels like it has a place within the story of Geralt and feels so relevant to complete. The voice acting for as many scenes are is really something that should be celebrated.

It’s combat systems are truly wonderful to get to grips with, offering you many ways to play the game as the same character. Everyone that plays this game will have a different experience.

It’s additional content are some of the best pieces of additional content you can get your hands on. It’s not often that the DLC is equal to the game itself but for this game they are.

I hope that if you haven’t yet, you give this game the time to really grab you in. I can pretty much say that once you meet the Bloody Baron after around 10 hours this game will start to soar after your initial estimations.

The best game this generation had to offer. Even in my objective opinion.

Honourable Mentions for various reasons:

Horizon Zero Dawn

Forza Horizon 2

AC Odyssey

Last of Us 2


Uncharted 4 Review

I recently finished my play through of Uncharted 4, my first in the series. Its a tremendous game, so here are my thoughts.

I originally was going to start with the Nathan Drake collection as it has been free to play on Playstation but thought I’d first look at 4. Mostly because its the most recent so everything would be at its best technically.

Before going into this game I already knew a few things such as its an action adventure game. Its similar to Lara Croft in that you treasure hunt, has a good story and its linear.

I chose to play on hard as recently I’ve been doing that for all of my games. I’m not the best at games, especially shooters. I fair better at more fantasy RPG like Assassins Creed or Diablo but want to get better and have a challenge.

My first impressions were very positive.

I have to say my first impressions were positive. It puts you right in the middle of a story in a boat getting away from some enemies before bringing you back to a more sombre home life of the main character Nathan Drake.

The story goes through several chapters to really get going and set you off on your adventure.

That adventure is to find the pirate treasure of Henry Avery to help pay off a debt.

It hunting this treasure that this game really starts to really show off why it’s so highly regarded.

This game is hands down one of the best visually and it came out like 4 YEARS AGO.

I was constantly just taking time to look at the beautiful scenery Naughty Dog had created here. Mix that with the great character models and attention to detail it was one of the best all round packages.

Naturally on your adventure you have to run into a few bad guys. I enjoyed the combat, for the most part but I would have had a better time playing on normal difficulty. It felt like I had to be John Wick just to prevent myself from getting overwhelmed.

The enemies are aggressive and towards the end of the game take several headshots to take down. So if you’re not quick, you’re surrounded. Mix that with the low health pool Nathan has and its game over. Often.

In addition to this there’s the stealth. I fucking hate the stealth in this game. I am no stranger to the stealth aspect of games but this one wound me up. There would be occasions where the person that ‘sighted’ me would have their back to me or no line of sight (like a fucking cliff between us dude!).

While I’m ranting about the unlikely, lets talk about the grenades. They just appear next to you. There was an occasion early in the game where the only person left alive was shooting me, but I had a grenade land on my toes. I get it, you want me to change position but make it realistic.

Just look at it.

Anyway, back to the good. Which is everything else. I loved the story, its well paced and it’s tense and keeps you hooked. The characters are interesting and you love hearing their little bits of small talk about their lives. The puzzles, they’re not the most challenging but give you something to think about. The mix of things to do such as driving, platforming, combat, sailing and more keep this game feeling fresh. And lore collecting makes you explore more, this game really is a true great.

If this game is on your ‘to do list’ put it to the top. Its not too long to play ~20 hours and is so worth it. I haven’t played through the multiplayer or anything else so there’s more if you want to return.

All in all this is definitely a treasure worth finding / 10.

p.s bonus points for that protagonist being called Nathan. Every time they complained about Nathan, it felt personal as we share the name.

I do just want to take a moment to say, if they’re making a film for this series and it is Tom Holland. I hope they get it right. We’ve had some casualties in that department and this series won’t deserve that treatment.

The core material is good enough to make something worth watching, Lara Croft wasn’t bad but this can be better. Sounds unlikely with the trouble going on with it production.

Marvels SpiderMan PS4

Swinging in with the review of Sony’s entry into the Spider-Man universe on PS4.

I haven’t played a proper Spider-Man game since Spiderman 2 on Playstation becuase, well that is the last relevant one worth playing.

But, after neglecting it for so long, I checked out the PS4 entry. A long line of single player entries have come before it on Playstion (God of War, Last of Us, Uncharted just to name a few). So I was eager to see what this game had in store.

I just want to start with how glorious this game is to look at. In general quality flows throughout this game. Almost every aspect is at a high quality of production and is seamless.

Most of my time was spent swinging around, taking in Manhattan Island. The only time i’ve spent as much time exploring in a video game was Assassins Creed Odyssey.

“…every aspect is at a high quality”

The voice acting for characters is stellar, the collectables are interesting and the combat is super fun in a arcade style kinda way.

After I visited all of Manhattan, on the closest thing i’ll have to a holiday during this Pandemic, I thought, best start playing this game. Probably the greatest compliment I can give the creative team.

I will admit, I was expecting an all out Spider-Man adventure. I had just taken down Fisk to leave a criminal size hole in New York.

And, well, the brakes were truly put on. I started to collect your typical ‘open world’ collectables, earn experience and skill points (everything you expect from an open world rpg). I was saddened that each collectable told me abit about what Spidey had already done before I got there. I had already taken down Rhino, Electro, Scorpion etc.

The story centers around a New York being taken over by a ‘Demon’ gang hell bent on letting loose a bio weapon made at Oscorp. In the meantime Peter is juggling helping Otto and getting back MJ. Every Spider-Man thing you would expect shoved onto a disc or digital downlaod (preference right?).

Mister Negative – Main Villian

“Insomniac definitely left it late but got it right.”

The story is unbalanced as I found out when I eventually got to the final 25%. This part, my god, it fucking killed it. Insomniac definitely left it late but got it right. I, however, had kind of got to a ‘is this finished yet’ feeling.

Combat had started to get tedious (gadgets, skills and suits keep it fresh until about the 75% mark). The story and villian (as shown above) were not that interesting until this stage and I had constantly cleared the map.

If the final 25% made up more of the game I would say this is a top 3 Playstation exclusive but alas Spider is still trying to figure out how to crawl past Ellie, Joel, Nathan and Kratos.

Better than the movies/ 10.

Photo Mode featuring a little Marvel magic
A taste of the late game