The third album from PVRIS moves them from a pop rock trio to a genre bending duo (with the recent announcement). This album marks a separation from PVRIS’ emo roots to an excellent writer capable from controlling the mood from herself into her songs.

The album as whole feels like the journey through a break up. Gimme A Minute talks about a lot of changes and brings a bit more chaos but is really asking for a moment of clarity.

It feels good to be alive but I hate my life.

Lynn writes about how emotions are constantly swinging from one to another. Stay Gold is about wanting to write a song about someone but not making them that important. Wish You Well is a final moving on piece, about having no bad feelings, sort of a letting go.

These songs all bring a bit more energy and more of a rock sound we are used to. They still however blend in punk, pop, electro beats for a unique sound. With Lynns powerful vocals they have carved out a unique sound.

Lynn Gunn from Instagram

The albums title song Use Me has hip hop influences throughout and shows the experimentation within PVRIS but fits well into the end of the album.

Overall expect a bit of everything within this album. Lynn’s song writing is excellent and the production is high. It possibly marks the end of PVRIS and the start of Lynn as a powerhouse in the scene.