Killing Eve Season Review

Season 3 has wrapped up now and after a slow middle, it ended in superb fashion.

Killing Eve has grown tremendously over the last 4 years or so and for good reason. The BBC America book adaptation of Luke Jennings Codename Villanelle has seen Jodie Comer & Sandra Oh lead an award winning series to great heights through amazing writing and acting.

It is one of my favourite series on TV and I only picked it up last year. I was reluctant as I didn’t know what to expect and have largely not been a fan of British TV. I had some time working away and I was hooked. Its funny, dramatic, mysterious and well made.

Season 3… It Wasn’t Going Well for a While.

When season 3 started in April, it was eagerly awaited. Season 1 was a breath of fresh air and fantastically written and season 2 was more explosive. What could season 3 bring to the table?

From the very start it actually has probably the best opening episode. We are shocked with a cliff hanger that sets up the series plot. We are in truly episode 1 fashion established with the whereabouts of everyone.

Sandra Oh’s Eve is trying to get on with her life, out the way of everything after being shot and left for dead. She has lost her job, husband, house and trust. She is perhaps as vulnerable as we will see her.

Villanelle is married and enjoying life under the assumption her obsession in Eve is now dead. It’s actually at her wedding that one of her old teachers, is teacher the right word? Mentor? Yeah we’ll go with mentor, brings her back to her assassin career.

Carolyn is still at MI6 but with a new prick of a boss. She is of course thrilled with this news. Konstatin is still kicking around all mysterious, but trapped in the UK.

Generally I don’t like spoilers but I have to if I want to type any further. I guess this is your warning?

Kenny fucking dies. We liked Kenny, he was cool but not so cool as to not be shoved off a building.

So naturally everyone wants to know who did it. First thing everyone does know is it wasn’t Villanelle, but could they rule that out, she’s been quiet for a while now?

This is where the series slows right down. episodes 2-5 just don’t do much at all. We see some developments but nothing to really capture what the previous seasons had. It is a bit like a grieving period.

I did like episode 5 mind. It focused around Villanelle and finding her birth family. We learn a lot about her in this episode and it carries a certain charm to it.

But it Gets Good.

Episode 6 is where the show starts to return to its former glory. You can read my review of that episode here.

Throughout this season we’ve seen Villanelle grow. She realises she no longer wants to be a puppet to the 12. She wants out and knows only 1 person that can help her, Konstantin. But does he want to?

Eve is chasing leads and starts to get good ones about what happened to Kenny having teamed back up with Carolyn and Kenny’s old work pals. This leads her to find out that her husband was stabbed in the neck by Dasha, remember the mentor I mentioned earlier.

The show brings back the thrill, humour and the brilliant writing once more. Jodie Comer is fantastic. She plays a different side to Villanelle we haven’t seen. She is desperate, exposed and full of emotion that she hides behind killer outfits and sarcasm.

The star of this series is Carolyn however. Throughout this season we have been focused on her investigation into Kenny and the people close to her in life.

Fiona Shaw is likely to be the next winner from Killing Eve. Her journey through this series tackles her relationship with her daughter Geraldine, played by the under used Gemma Whelan, her obsession with her work and quite frankly her cold attitude.

Geraldine forces Carolyn to show her emotional side, out of frustration more than anything and Fiona truly deserves recognition. If you didn’t already you will grow to like and respect her as a character.

When I try to think of my future, I just see your face over and over again.

The Finale…

So how did this series end?

Excellently that’s how. There was blood, reveals and reunions but not in the way you would expect.

This finale is moving and connects with the emotional season it has been, not in an up and down way but in a honest way. We find out how Kenny came to be thrown from his workplace building and if Konstantin will continue to play both sides.

Eve and Villanelle naturally come together, possibly later than we wanted. When they do it’s after an admission that their obsession is part of them now. This story is about them, but this season is not.

Carolyn gets everything she wanted but is left empty. How she continues will be interesting.

Personally I think it was a excellent way to finish the season. It was explosive and revealing but also raw and sad.

Final Thoughts.

All in all I really enjoyed this season. Sure I love seeing Villanelle extravagantly murder people week in week out but I was tired of the cat and mouse chase.

This season explored the characters more, especially those not called Eve. Jodie Comer was amazing as always and Villanelle is a more fleshed out character.

As I said previously Carolyn is the stand out for this season. Everything is focused on her and her relationships.

The finale was touching and for once didn’t put it all on a cliff hanger.

As good as Villanelles fashion sense / 10.

So it has been confirmed that season 4 is on the way and EW have quoted Sally Woodward Gentle promise a ‘pitch black riot’.

I can’t wait. I know its likely 22 before we see season 4. In the meantime we should see Peaky Blinders return. If we want more of Jodie she’s in Free Guy a film I’m looking forward to after lockdown, as stated here.