The Boys Season 2 – What Makes This Show So Good?

As Homelander stands there wanking off the highest perch he can find you think about this show and just the kind of cringe, rude, disgusting and quite frankly brilliant scenes it takes you through.

What’s really hard to do however is place your finger on the thing that makes it one of the best around at the moment. We talk about other shows and we say ‘how great is Dark’s story?‘ or ‘the acting in Game of Thrones is amazing‘ but with the boys you just *shrug emoji*.

Frenchie (left) is my favourite and he should be yours.

Season 2 is well aware at this stage of exactly what the show is and what it is not. In fact the show creator was quite vocal in placing it opposite the Marvel Universe and claiming that Marvel don’t do enough politically and make everything nicey nice.

Personally, I think fuck that opinion. Marvel do superhero, The Boys do head implosion or explosion and we like them all the same.

Season 2 of The Boys sees the gang continue to try and take down Vought through any means possible. The unlikely band of ”heroes’ mission includes working with Starlight, ex government officials, A-train and anyone they can find to release dirt on Vought to the media. After all Vought is largely a social media group that depend on publicity and acceptance so it’s the best way to expose them.

Their journey also becomes quite personal for different members. We explore more of the gang in particular Kimiko & Frenchie.

I hope Karen gets more in Season 3. She’s great, even without a character name.

In Vouhgts mission to make money and earn government support they try to rebuild the Seven that is now 4? (Black Noir, Homelander, Maeve & A-Train). Starlight is kinda an in between, so we won’t count her. They’re also making a movie because where would they be without Marvel, right?

To bolster the ranks they add Stormfront, an electric powered, Thor inspired bitch, sorry perfectly normal person. We are supposed to hate her, and it’s quite annoying how they go about it. Without throwing spoilers think of the horrible things she could be and she ticks most of them…

Her place is to make Vought popular which she is good at doing. As a good public speaker and down with the kids she is quickly making Homelander uncomfortable and complacent. He also has kid issues to deal with as well which puts him against Butcher pretty directly.

For however many episodes this show moves along being all gruesome and shit as it does. It’ll make you turn away for a different reason each episode and lets not talk about Doppleganger. But it is good.

Everything clicks in this show like well built Lego. Where some shows are gruesome they sometimes over do it. Some shows struggle to do rude without being cringe and this show is cringe. There’s humour and action and sex and sadness, it really has everything in the exact dose that it needs.

I would love to explore the powers more, but this show isn’t that and I don’t think we’ll understand Starlight’s power and Butcher summed that up for us perfectly.

Well that’s a shit power ain’t it.

Should you watch The Boys? Yes. Do you know why? Not really, but just do it, because it’s probably *right now* only second to shows like The Witcher or The Mandalorian.

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